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Gina Truong

Flow yoga teacher, breathwork facilitator, teaching Yin and Qigong aswell.

Originally from Vietnam, Gina has been living in Middelburg since 2022. She was first introduced to yoga in her early twenties. She has always been a yoga student and practitioner for about 10 years now and counting.

The practice of yoga helped her find strength and balance in both mental and physical health, which inspired her to dedicate 3 years in seated meditation as well. 

Through Kino MacGregor’s online channel Omstars, Gina started practicing and found her love with Ashtanga. This moving meditation with a strong focus on breaths and self-discipline has a great influence on her teaching of vinyasa. Beside the standard 200-hour teacher training, Gina has got 36-hour breathwork and pranayama with Lauren Roure, 60-hour Yin/Qigong with Jophee and 40-hour Ashtanga Primary Series with David Robson and Jelena Vesic.

She is passionate to share her journey though different aspects of yoga to anyone who is interested in this powerful ancient practice. Gina teaches in English but even if you dont speak English yourself you can easily follow her classes.

Gina Truong
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